Saturday, January 19, 2008

Hello my name is KC.

Hello, my name is KC and I am a cooking show junky.

I can't get enough of them, you name it I'm probably watching it or DVR'ing it so I can watch it later. (That is when the kids take a break from Hanna Montana and the like.) But recently I'm finding myself craving something different. It seems cooking shows have become venues for more schtick than substance. Online recipe sites have become overwhelming and tracks of duplication. Truely, how many variations of the peanut butter and jelly sandwich do we need?

How about a different concept?
How about recipes that have some history behind them?
How about somebody showing how and why they are making this food?
How about a recipe that shows where the concept came from?

So, I have been looking for answers to these question, and outside of Rick Bayless from Frontera Grill (like his show, love his restaurant) and maybe Alton Brown on occasion, my search has come up empty.

So, here we are.

Its time to start giving some history to our food, some story for you dinner, and less schtick and more substance.

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